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Terms & Conditions

I. Prohibited Data

The following items will not be tolerated and are only acceptable under the terms provided.

Illegal Downloads:

The use of Warez, mp3 files that you are not the rightful owner of, cracks, and any other forms of copyrighted software that you are not legally allowed to use/distribute are all strictly prohibited.

XXX/Porn Websites:

Child pornography is strictly prohibited. The only pornography allowed is legal/un-copyrighted material, and images/content containing males/females 18 years of age or older.


Spamming is frowned upon and we take this matter very seriously. Anyone found spamming will be suspended without a refund. This includes: sending advertisements to multiple e-mail addresses at one time (unless under the use of an opt-in mailing list), spamming Contrast Hosting in any way, or using forced attacks via e-mail.


The following items are not allowed, nor will ever be allowed on Contrast Hosting servers:

Hosting viruses, or sending viruses via e-mail, or allowing users to download files with Trojans, viruses, or any harmful files.

II. Refunds

Hosting Refunds are issued within 30 days of your hosting sign-up. Termination of your account for violation of this TOS is permanent grounds for non-refund.

Domain registration fees are not available because we do not register them ourselves; rather, a third-party registers the domains. Instead of a refund for domain registration, we will transfer the domain to you.

III. General Information


The space on your website is yours to use. Constant monitoring should be done if you plan to allow FTP access to your website for uploading. You take full responsibility for every file located on your website. Hosting of illegal files, or anything not allowed in this TOS agreement will result in suspension of your account until future investigation is made.

Account Data Loss:

We do not personally create backups for your website files. You are responsible for these backups and we will not be held accountable for the loss of files.

Account Termination: 

We reserve the right to suspend your account if we suspect you are violating this TOS agreement. We will talk with you before deciding if you are not allowed at Contrast Hosting.

Misuse of Resources:

The misuse of resources, including but not limited to employing applications that consume excessive CPU time are prohibited.


If you are unsure if the content is all right for you to post, please contact us first. We will give a response for your inquire very shortly.

Domain Registration:

If we register a domain for you, we register it under our company name. If you decide to move your site to another host or just want your domain, you can email us and we will transfer it to you. You should have the domain with us for at least a week before asking us to transfer it to you.

Keeping your scripts updated:

You are responsible to keep your scripts installed on your account updated. If you are running outdated scripts you are taking the risk of allowing your account to be compromised and possible damage to the server. If we find an account that has been compromised we will suspend the account and contact the owner.

Please feel free to ask about any information, so you can make more informed decisions. Thanks!

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